Character Profiles

Shaleigh White (SHAH-lee)

Age: 14
Height: 5’1″
Star Sign: Sagittarius
Grade: Freshman
Occupation/Dream Job: Student/Wants to be a comic book artist
Hometown: Redwood, CA
Bio: Shaleigh switched over from Redwood Junior High to University Preparatory High in 2008. She had high hopes for her first few weeks of high school, and all the fun things she would be able to do. Few fears about adjustments, or class schedules haunted her. Unfortunately, she would not have an ordinary or average education… not with a ninja hanging around.

Cross the Ninja (Kr-ohhss)

Age: Appears to be in his teens, but made a comment now casting dispersion on this
Height: 5’0″, in his socks
Star Sign: Aries seems most likely
Grade: Is not enrolled
Occupation/Dream Job: Ninja, always wanted to be a ninja…
Hometown: Koka, Japan
Bio: Cross seems to have very little past. He showed up in Shaleigh’s tree, and has since then been living in the tree, and going about a very easy job as her bodyguard and close friend. The reasons are still unknown. His slang is awkward and at times out of date, or not pertaining to the area, but his accent and understanding of English are impeccable.