The Comic:

Crossed Off updates roughly once a week, although this schedule can’t be kept as a contract. It’s fairly goofy – a high school drama with a comic book artist, genre-breaking side-characters, a ninja bodyguard, and all sorts of other things that keep it from going the way of more serious titles.

The World: 

The setting of this comic is the little town of Redwood, somewhere on the west coast, in a world where the impossible is probable, and a little imagination will take you further than you’d think.

The Creator:

Jack Cloverway runs this one-man show out of New York City, where they spend an inordinate amount of time eating pizza and reading through tumblr posts. A Humanities student and Pre-Med minor, Jack hopes to someday be poking around in your brains. For science. They also operate and own the store Crossfire Apparel and Design, which is where that nifty little ‘store’ button on the menu will take you.

If you really need to contact Jack, just shoot them an email at crossfireapparel@gmail.com

The Reading List: